Friday, August 8, 2014

3 Must-Read Articles on Non-Toxic, Natural Products

Need more reasons to ditch toxins and switch to non-toxic, natural personal care and cleaning products? You'll find the following articles helpful and great tips on how to make your own safer products too.

The Best Non-Toxic Ways to Clean Your Home by WebMD. A must read if you've been considering non toxic product, natural products and whether they're as effective as products laden with toxins.

When it comes to non-toxic, natural products, you only need a few ingredients to effectively clean your kitchen counter tops such as vinegar, warm water, and a few drops of essential oils (lavender, lemon, are two of my favorites) or use fresh lemons. It's that easy and effective without spending money on store bought brands.

Do Green Products Work? by AARP.

Myth: Natural cleaning products don't kill germs and therefore are ineffective.
Facts: Some "green" cleaners, such as the Clorox Green Works line made from a component found in coconuts, do little more than help remove dirt. They don't disinfect — nor do they claim to — so they don't kill germs

"Vinegar is almost 100 percent effective at killing germs if you leave it on for at least 60 seconds, and it leaves a nice shine," says Duberg. (source:

75 DIY Beauty Recipes All Natural Non Toxic by Healthylivinghowto. Another great article on so many ways to make beauty and home cleaning products yourself. 

If you're looking for more ways to ditch and switch to non toxic, natural products, Pinterest has great pins. While you're on Pinterest, follow my pin and let's stay in touch ->Pin with Janette. I'll be posting a lot more tips in the very near future.



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