NYR Organic Ingredients

What You Won't Find in NYR Organic's Ingredients

NO PARABENS – linked to estrogen overproduction
NO SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES – many contain synthetic chemicals that are harmful to health
NO GMO INGREDIENTS – not enough is known about the long-term implications
NO animal testing – unnecessary and cruel
NO SILICONES – coat the skin, impeding its natural function
NO PHTHALATES – reported to have toxic impact on human and animal life
NO NANO – not enough is known about the long-term implications
NO MINERAL OILS – derived from petroleum, have a tendency to block the skin
NO EDTA – doesn't readily biodegrade
NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL – derived from petroleum
NO CARBOMER – derived from petroleum
NO DEA – associated with known carcinogens
NO ACRYLATES – derived from petroleum
NO BHT – linked to breathing and lung impairment

Certified Organic by ...

Certified organic

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The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

These are just a few of NYR Organic's commitment to safe cosmetics as well as fair trade. You'll find a lot more about NYR Organic's initiatives by clicking -> my online organic business.

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