Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's Time to Start Anew and Spring Forward!

It's time to start anew, starting with my new blog dedicated to my passion for natural living and eco-friendly products. There are so many things I'm super excited about. Starting with daylight savings. I love longer days and warm weather. Even though it was a bit hard to spring forward with the time change but how I love this time of year. It's a springboard for so many things. There's a saying "spring cleaning" for a reason. It's a new season to start anew. I love that! If you haven't accomplished much so far this year or just needed a reason to start something new now is the best time. So what's on your radar? For me, I've got a few things in mind.

With that, here are some things I'm excited to tackle.

*Start an herb garden. Herbs are a daily ritual with my cooking (I'm a foodie).

*Learn more about essential oils benefits and how to make everyday household products using essential oils.

*Write more articles on natural living and why I love going organic.

*Get out more and do more live local networking. I love working online but with this beautiful spring weather upon us, it's time to hit up those outdoor vendor boutiques, meet new people, make new friends, and smell the roses.

*Show and share more of my yummy all natural and organic personal care products for women, men babies. Hint hint: these products are heavenly, the scents are intoxicating, so luxurious, and did I mention certified organic without the nasties? More to come :).

*Spruce up my Pinterest boards which need a make-over along with my other social media profiles. Time to get spring cleaning!

These are just some of the things on my list. How about you?



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