Friday, March 15, 2013

What's Unique About Your Direct Selling Business Opportunity?

In my last post What Do People Look for in a Direct Selling Home Business I shared some key points to consider when you're evaluating a business opportunity. Since there are many home-based opportunities in the direct sales industry to choose from, how do you know which one is the right one for you?

More importantly, what is unique about the company products or business opportunity that makes people want to partner with your company?

After reading Brian Tracy's Crunch Point (one of my all time favorite authors), he shared four tips when considering your products or services and one of them is a must if your company wants to compete in the crowded field of direct selling.


What does the company specialize in? What makes it unique and differentiates itself from other direct selling companies? Tupperware is an iconic brand for not only being one of the originals in direct selling but synonymous with plastic containers. And Scentsy for wickless candles. And NYR Organic as the first direct selling company certified organic by the Soil Association (UK).

When you're sharing the products what is your 30-second "back story" that's going to grab someone's attention. If you tell people we're an all natural company and although this is a good thing but natural products are everywhere.

*What makes your company's natural products better than your competitor's?
*Why should your customer buy from you?
*Why should someone join your business?
*What's the back story that is so good that makes people want to jump on board and tell others about it.

Differentiation is key to selling products as well as sponsoring. If your product is just like any other "me too" already available. Or your business opportunity has nothing different to offer, your business won't be as competitive, and will probably never experience that exponential growth.

"This is the key to success in your business. What is it that you offer to your customers that none of your competitors can offer?" Brian Tracy (Crunch Point)

What is unique about your company that sets you apart from other companies? Direct selling is a crowded field with thousands of opportunities and many of them offer similar products such as various natural products, candles, jewelry, etc. And similar network marketing companies offering juice, weight loss, coffee, anti-aging skin care.

But what is the unique selling position that's going to grab someone's attention and makes her/him want to jump on board with your company?




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