Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Do People Look for in a Direct Selling Business?

What do people look for when they're evaluating a direct selling business? Although there are many factors but having been around direct sales pals for years I can sum up what most of the women I know look for.

In general, I believe these are the things that make a direct selling business attractive, and why women choose to partner with a company.

There is no business like a direct sales business. It's more than just selling products and sponsoring. For customers, it's more than buying products, it's part social gathering with friends, while shopping.

What makes direct selling unique goes beyond great products. Direct sales offers the experience of connecting with people and being a part of a community of like-minded women. It's "making new friends" business in my book.

*Some are on a mission to share products that they've experienced amazing results and want to share with others ...
*Some are making a difference by helping other women succeed ...
*And some are just having fun and enjoying the products. There are many reasons why women choose a direct selling business.

For business builders, all things being equal- the compensation plan must be competitive with competitors in the same product category for long term growth. There are other factors that could make a difference as to why women sign up but more importantly, why they stay.

#1 Money

It's true that some sign up just for the product discounts but if you're a business builder, you're more likely to stay because you're making money.

#2 Potential

Even if people aren't making money they've set a goal for yet, they stay for the potential. They believe in the vision and see the support, training, and all the things their companies are doing to support their potential for growth. You must believe in the company's vision for success and growth.

#3 Growth

People are drawn to growth. They're drawn to the "buzz". Think Origami Owl Living Lockets and Thirty-One Gifts when it launched a few years ago. There were thousands of people that got on the waiting list to join these companies.

It doesn't matter if your company is brand new unless it generates the buzz, the desire, and catches on like wildfire because that's what draws people to your business and that's what keep people motivated to stay with the company.

Ground floor and brand new companies get people excited initially but if they don't see the growth and potential, they're not going to join or stay with the company. There are plenty of companies that have been around for 5-10 years that I've never heard of and technically, they're ground floor because they only have a few hundred consultants.

That said, some people might like it just the way it is. Some people prefer small companies and the intimacy of working with the founders.

But for business builders looking to build large, they're not only looking for the "buzz" but they want to partner with a company that's ground floor with room for growth, financially stable to invest in growth, and consultant's programs such as training/tools.

Direct selling industry is a crowded field and the competition is fierce. New companies launch all the time and the majority fail. You need great products, capital, savvy marketing, and leadership in the direct selling business, superior training, and support if you want to be a big player.

Attracting people to a new company isn't hard but making sure they stay is the hardest part of this business.




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